Who we are

The VRB has more than 40 members - the people who hear and decide cases - and just over 20 staff.

The Principal Member, Ms Jane Anderson and National Registrar, Ms Katrina Harry PSM are responsible for our management and administration. 

Our members 

Our need for specialist expertise is met by the appointment of appropriately qualified and experienced members in the categories of Senior Member, Member and Services Member. Each member is appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel.  Additionally, to be considered for appointment, Services Members (who have military experience) must be nominated by an ex-service organisation. Members of the VRB are statutory appointees and are not public servants employed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

All our members must have:

  • a high level of integrity
  • sound judgment
  • legal, military, health or other professional skills
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to conduct hearings
  • a capacity to make fair decisions quickly.

You can find a list of our members here and their biographies here. 

Our staff 

The National Registrar is supported by VRB staff, employed under the Public Service Act 1999 and made available by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Staff are organized into two groups: client services and tribunal services. 

Client Services teams include:

  • South Eastern Registry;
  • North West and South Australian Registry; 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Team; 

The Tribunal Support team includes member support, financial management and internal communications. 

Staff in our client service teams: 

  • provide a dedicated single point of contact for each veteran, ensure applications are ‘event-ready’ and facilitate the listing of alternative dispute resolution processes and hearings; 
  • liaise with veterans and advocates about their cases and give them information, and 
  • provide support services to conference registrars and members. 

Conference registrars conduct VRB alternative dispute resolution processes.