Online dispute resolution

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Resolve your application online 24/7

The mission of the VRB is to deliver justice by listening to veterans and making high quality decisions in a timely, cost effective and efficient way.

The VRB offers online dispute resolution (ODR) to increase veterans' access to justice by providing a modern, simple, efficient, user-friendly and accessible forum for veterans, current serving members and their families seeking review of decisions that affect their interests.

ODR lets current serving members, veterans and their families resolve applications when and where it's convenient for them. This could be at home, at work or on a phone.

How it works

There are three steps involved:

  1. Request ODR
    After you have made your application for review you can ask for ODR by using the VRB Justice Portal.
  2. Facilitation
    A Conference Registrar will help you to resolve your application online.
  3. Decision
    If your application can be resolved by ODR you will be given a binding decision, delivered online.

You can read more about each step below.

How do I request ODR?

ODR provides you with an opportunity to resolve your application fairly and quickly.

It is your choice to request ODR.

There is no form required. You can simply upload a document (e.g. a screen shot or word document) into the VRB Justice Portal saying, "I would like my application to proceed to ODR".

You only do this after:

  • You have lodged your actual application for review with DVA;
  • DVA provides your application and the Section 137 report to us;
  • You tell us if you have a representative; and
  • You (or your representative) have registered for the VRB Justice Portal.

How do I register for the VRB Justice Portal?

To register for the VRB Justice Portal you (or your representative) can simply email

One of our registry staff will then contact you and talk you through the registration process.

Once you have registered, you can read these tip sheets to learn how to use the VRB Justice Portal:


Facilitation is about helping you to resolve your application.

Our Conference Registrars are experts in the veterans' entitlements and compensation system and will help you through the process. 

They may ask you to provide material to support your application. This will be done online via the VRB Justice Portal so you can respond where and when it suits you.

If you can't resolve your application during facilitation, you can ask to participate in offline VRB ADR or request that your application proceed to hearing before a panel of three VRB Members. 

Getting a VRB decision

If you resolve your application by facilitation and agree to a draft decision, a VRB Member will ask you to join a short online hearing at a place and time that suits you.

At the online hearing you can confirm your consent to the decision and a VRB Member will provide oral reasons for their decision about your application.