VRB hearings during Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions

Your health and wellbeing is our priority.

The VRB is monitoring the Commonwealth and State Governments’ announcements and health advice relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our venues remain physically closed to the public.

However, you can do most of what you need to do with the VRB from your home or office:

  • Use the VRB Justice portal to provide a document for your application
  • You can email or call us on 1800 550 460 about your application or any other general enquiry
  • Provide feedback including compliments and suggestions

In response to COVID-19, all VRB hearings are continuing to be held by phone or online videoconferencing.

This means that veterans, current serving members and their representatives can participate in hearings from their homes (or other premises).

This is a temporary measure. We will re-open our registries and return to in-person hearings when it is safe to do so and social distancing requirements can be properly observed.

How we are holding hearings

We will contact you to let you know whether you will be attending a hearing by phone or online videoconference and explain how to prepare.

To participate in an online video conferencing hearing you will need:

  • A computer in a place with good, reliable internet connection, built-in video camera and microphone.

We can assist you with a pre-hearing test of your video equipment.

How to join a video conference

At the VRB we’re using the video platform GOVTeams for hearings.

You can read our tip sheet for joining a GOVTeams video conference here.

What else do I need to know about an online hearing?

A phone or online videoconference hearing is no different to a hearing in person, so ensure you are in a quiet location and have any relevant paperwork at hand.

You can find more tips for online videoconferencing hearings here.

Email or upload all documents before your hearing

Any documents you will use in your phone or online videoconference hearing must be provided to the VRB at least 7 days before the hearing.

You can email or use the VRB Justice portal to provide a document for your application.

Providing documents to us in advance means a hearing won’t be delayed.

How do I find out when your registries are open again?

Please continue to monitor this website for further news and updates.