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VEA Entitlement Submission Template

Reasonable Hypothesis Cases

The VEA Entitlement submission templates are applicable to “entitlement” cases that concern whether an injury, disease or death is war or defence caused. 

When do I use this template?

This template should be used for any VEA claim for pension in respect of incapacity from injury or disease, where the veteran has operational, peacekeeping or hazardous service.

What standard of proof is contained in this template?

This template contains references to two different standards of proof.

For questions of connection between operational, peacekeeping or hazardous service and the claimed injury or disease, the standard of proof is referred to is the reasonable hypothesis/ beyond reasonable doubt.

For all other questions of (ie. diagnosis and assessment) the standard of proof referred to is the reasonable satisfaction / balance of probabilities.

The template includes each step in the four stage methodology set out in Repatriation Commission v Deledio, which applies when considering whether the evidence as a whole points to a connection between the claimed injury or disease and the veteran’s relevan`t service.

See the Reasonable Hypothesis template (RTF 115Kb)